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Anonymous asked:
How big are you classes?

Well that depends because I’m an art major with two minors in two different schools!
So for my major (photography, art school) there are never more than 18 kids in my class! Usually about 8-12 on average.
For my entrepreneurship minor (business school) my classes are about 20-40 people deep, but never more than 40.
And for my psych minor (school of arts and sciences) there can be anywhere between 100-300 kids in my lecture! But usually about 100 (or less) these days since I’m in the higher level classes now.

So it really varies! As a freshmen you’ll most likely have larger class sizes, and then as you get older the size will dwindle down as you take more specialized classes! Hope that could help!

Anonymous asked:
I am considering cuse just because of you

OMG AWWW 💞💞💞 best decision of my life!

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