Thanks for stealing me food and judging boys all night who showed up in khakis and a navy blazer (😷). You rock, QB #1. #formalsfashionpolice
Anonymous asked:
what size are your krass and co shorts? I cant tell which size to order :/

I’m normally a 2 in shorts but I always go up a size when it comes to comfy things such as running shorts, tanks, and t-shirts, so at krass and co I got a M and they fit absolutely perfectly (if you’re afraid a size might be too small, it’s always safer to go up a size!)


So after a 7-week hiatus from Instagram, I log on to find I have over 30 friend requests waiting for me! As I like to know who is following me, I was just wondering if everyone from tumblr who adds me could just message me with their insta username so I could follow back (and rule out that you’re a creeper). Yay!!!


Hey guys! So I got this shirt a while ago but haven’t worn it, its an extra small tags and all! 
I want to do a give away since I will never wear it. 
So follow me then reblog this and on May 1st I’m going to pick a winner from a random generator! 
Good luck :)

Happy Birthday Olivia!

16th of April

Tomorrow’s the day I allow Instagram back into my life 😁